Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC pricing is based on a flat rate price. Our quoted prices are the price that you pay.  If we treat your site three times for a 1-3 inch storm, Brummel Lawn charges the quoted price, not a per trip charge. We will continue to monitor the properties after the storm.

Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC will salt or de-ice the parking lot and walks when they feel it may be needed.  If Brummel Lawn makes the decision to pre-treat and the storm does not materialize, you will not be charged. In certain cases such as an ice storm multiple treatments may be needed.

Brummel Lawn has a 24 hour phone line that is answered when storms are predicted and when storms are present.  After the storm has passed, we continue our commitment in checking properties for possible re-freezing. Also, we review the lots for additional treatments needed due to previously blocked lanes that need to be cleared of snow. Small areas that are treated for re-freezes are not charged unless Brummel Lawn feels they will need to treat the entire lot or all of the walks.

In some cases, a mix of salt and sand may be used on a property to help with traction or help melt any ice.  Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC will do its best to talk to all properties managers regarding the use of sand. Salt shortages or other circumstances beyond our control may make it necessary to use other mixes or materials.  Property managers/owners will be made aware of these situations. A decision may need to be made during off business hours and Brummel Lawn will make that decision if they are unable to contact the manager. The property manager/owner will be made aware of any changes.

Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC will make every effort to have all walks, and lots cleared by 8 am or opening of the business, however, there are some instances when a storm does not allow for the work to be completed by that hour. We will make a reasonable attempt to have the walks and parking spaces cleared as early as possible.

Please contact Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC with any further questions.