Commercial Snow and Ice Management

Brummel Lawn and Landscape services commercial properties, apartment complexes, churches, and private streets.  Late in fall months Brummel Lawn’s fleet manager is servicing all snow plows, salt spreaders, snow blowers, and is ordering ice melt, and rock salt for the winter ahead. From October 15 through April 15 Brummel Lawn has a weather service that give them up to date weather alerts, bridge decks and parking lots temperatures along with air temperatures and forecast. This has become very beneficial with the ever changing mid-west weather and the occasional freezing mist/fog.  After every storm, Brummel Lawn provides a storm report with the high and low temperature total accumulation and how we handled the event.  Our phones are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide the outstanding customer service.

Snow Plow

Brummel Lawn has a 1 inch initiation point. For storms that fall during the middle of the day, we will clear drive lanes and some parking spots if possible.  We will return that evening and clear the lot. Office buildings are cleared by 8 am in most cases to ensure the business can operate normally. Strip mall shopping centers, are cleared no later than 1 hour before opening so that employees can get to work and have the stores ready to open.  Apartment complexes will have all drive lanes, clubhouse, and open parking spot cleared in time for the morning commute and during the day Brummel Lawn will return at the complexes request to clear the parking stalls.

Parking Lot Treatment (Salt Application)

Brummel Lawn uses high grade rock salt.  Salt is applied after plowing is complete.  We will pre-treat if freezing rain/sleet, or drizzle is forecasted and the property manager/owner agrees that pre-treatment would be the best. The time spent at the property and the amount of visits are documented when Brummel Lawn is treating your property.


Brummel Lawn has separate crews that service the sidewalks in their zone.  All sidewalks and steps are cleared from edge to edge and a concrete safe ice melt will be placed to prevent any refreezing or slick spots.  In icy weather, melt is put down and rechecked to ensure that the sidewalks are safe and ice free.

Maintenance Provided

Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC  has specific crews dedicated to providing maintenance. We service communities as small as 10 homes. Tractors and bobcats are used to clear driveways, entry walks, and public sidewalks as requested.  Brummel Lawn and Landscape can customize to your needs. These crews begin snow removal once the storm has stopped. In the events of large amount of snow or snow storms, we can clear areas multiple times.