Spring is the time of year to have your backflow tested for your local water department.

If your backflow is outside we can perform the test at anytime, no need for anyone to be home.

Brummel Lawn and Landscape will fill out all required paperwork and send it in to the city water department for you. All forms will be submitted as soon as the payment is received.

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Please fill out the information below for your backflow test appointment.


An appointment is required if your backflow is located indoors. We will need someone home in order to access it.

Late fall is the time of the year to winterize your irrigation system.

If you have an above-ground backflow, it is important to schedule your appointment sooner rather than later to avoid damage from a surprise, early freeze.

“Winterizing” your system involves using an air compressor to remove all the water in your sprinkler system to prevent breaks due to freezing.

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