Our  Seven step program will give your lawn the look that it deserves. After the first application, Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC will spot spray any weeds that may pop up. Also, a service call for any weeds is done within 72 hours of receiving your call. We recommend, and now require a grub control. Grub control is now offered at the same price as a fertilizer application and will prevent your lawn from being destroyed. We also offer a winter Lime Application if needed.

Seven Step Program Including Grub Control

    • Early Spring Application : Fertilize to green up the lawn and prevent crabgrass and foxtail. Broadleaf weed control is applied once weather is warm enough.
    • Late Spring Application : Another application of pre-emergent is applied to help control crabgrass and foxtail. Also, another application of fertilizer is applied to keep the lawn looking great. Broadleaf weed control is applied to control weeds, like dandelions and clover as needed.
    • Summer Application : This application will provide a slow release fertilizer for a green and healthy lawn all summer long. Also spot treating broadleaf weeds and yellow nutsedge (if it has emerged yet).
    • Grub Control: This application that will prevent grubs from attacking your all season long. This application will be applied along with the summer application.  For best results our grub control treatment will need to be watered in.
    • Summer Weed Treatment: This application will be a liquid broadleaf weed, grassy weeds and nutsedge control to keep your lawn weed free for the remainder of the summer.  
    • Fall Application : This application is to help the lawn recover from the stress of the summer and also will promote new growth. The Fall Application is also a great time for over seeding. Broadleaf weed control is used if needed.
    • Winterizer : This application is important for a quick green up in the spring and helps the lawn through the harsh winter months.

Optional Treatments

    • Flea and Tick Control : Two to three applications will be needed to control your fleas and ticks problem you may be having. Let our pro walk you through our flea and tick program. As we control the fleas and ticks you may have in your lawn, you will need to control them if they gotten in your home or on your pets. Brummel Lawn works with the pest management professionals that can help with the control of fleas and ticks on the inside of your home.
    • Fungicide Program: With the humid summers that we have in the Midwest a fungicide application will prevent fungi for forming in your lawn is application is done in early summer.  With our Fungicide program you receive an application in May, June, July and August if need.  Our staff of horticulturist will help you with all your needs.
    • Fungicide Control: with fungus damage present to the yard, Brummel Lawn staff can spray or apply a granular application to the lawn to stop the spread of the fungus.  This application may need a 2nd application if the fungus is out of control. **THIS APPLICATION WILL ONLY STOP THE SPREAD OF THE FUNGUS NOT REPAIR THE DAMAGED AREA, AT THIS POINT THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE**