Irrigation Winterization, Should I?

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Your irrigation system is one of the best tools to keeping your lawn and landscaping looking its best. It is also an expensive item that needs to be taken care of. With those two things in mind, you winterize your irrigation system. Irrigation winterization starts in the middle of October and runs through November and into early December if the weather permits.

I waited to call until late November and now the temperatures are going to be below freezing!!! What can I do?!?! If you have a basement tap, by that I mean if your irrigation shut off is in your basement, go ahead and turn it off. That way even if one of your lines does break you won’t have a major leak. After you have the water shut off go ahead and turn your system on. By turning the system on it will allow water to run to the lowest points of the system. You will not see any heads pop up but water should drain. **This doesn’t mean you don’t have to winterize your system, this should buy you sometime.** With basement taps you normally have a pipe exposed on the side of your home that is more than like to break as the ground isn’t insulating it.

How is the system winterized? Brummel Lawn winterizes irrigation systems by putting air to each zone to push the water out. We do this by high volume of air with low pressure. You do you want to have any more than 65 psi of air running through your pipes as that can cause issues with valves, connection and even heads.

So if you haven’t called to get it scheduled please call now, even if you don’t want to do it until mid-November go ahead and get your appointment set!



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