Are all Landscape Plant Materials The Same?

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The simple answer is NO!

I hear all the time from people “why don’t you get your plants from the big box store” (they normally use the name of the store but for legal reasons we will just use box store) or from the Membership Stores.


Yes, we could purchase them from there and save ourselves lots of money, but the quality is not the same.  The plants that we purchase or the plants  we recommend that you purchase are certified nursery stock.  I was at one of the membership stores over the weekend and they had 3 gal azalea for $10.99!!! The plant looks great from the naked eye, but once you start examining the plant the quality was jut not there.


So with that said, if you are looking for average planting material then those places will do.  Brummel Lawn tries to provide the upmost quality in the plant material we install and plant material that we recommend to our customers if they are installing them for themselves. The pants that the local nurseries have are more expensive, but they are normally healthier, older so they have a better root system, and are either grown in this area or are grown for our area.  With the other places they are ordered in bulk so their Colorado and Blue Spring, MO stores will more than likely be getting the same type of plants.  Also its not from a local grower.


We believe in the local nurseries so much so that when we buy from them wholesale we don’t get a warranty. Therefore, if the plant dies after we plant them in your home, we are the ones paying to replant them. Therefore, we won’t plant anything that we don’t feel would make it or shouldn’t be planted in that area.


As a retail customer both the box store and nurseries do give a one year warranty.  However, with the box store they only have plants in the Spring and Fall, while nurseries will keep getting shipments in all season and will be able to get the certain type plant that you originally purchased again, while the box store might just give you your money back!


Getting your money back is great, but if you have a row of plants with a hole in that area and you are unable to get a matching replacement, more than likely you will have to replace them all so they match. If we do the landscaping and the original planting your warranty for that first year comes with a one time replacement of the plant and the labor to remove and replace.  Last year we had a 96% success rate on plants living, so that means we only had to replace 4%!  That is due to the quality of the plant, proper placement of the plant and the fact they were installed correctly!




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Chief Executive Officer for Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC. Nick has a bachelors degree in Horticulture from Northwest Missouri State University. Nick started Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC while still in college and has grown the business ever since.
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