2015 Fall Seeding Issues

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As the fall seeding season is coming to an end, it has been one of challenges.  After speaking with some sod farms, that will plant the seed in middle of August, they have faced major issues as well and some are saying it’s been the worst in 15 years!  A positive that we had going for us is the warm temperatures.  It kept the soil temperatures up.  With the soil temperatures up grass seed was coming up in 4-8 days!  Now that we are into October and the soil temperatures are down that same seed could take 14-21 days to come up!!!

Now on to the issues of the fall.  The first major issue is that we have not had the rain that we have seen all season long!  Some places in the Kansas City Metro have had less than 1 inch this fall.  When we have had rain, it hasn’t been a soaking rain.  It has been a quick hitting rain and then moves on.

The second issue is the warm days.  Although it does help the seed come up quicker; at the same time it dries out the soil quicker.  As we talk about all the time with seeding you must keep it moist to soften up the shell of the seed and allows the seed to germinate.

The third issue is the windy days we have had.  With the windy days it also dried out the soil, so it has been a challenge to keep the soil moist.  Even with irrigation systems we have seen areas that just won’t stay moist.  If you were seeding areas without irrigation, it has almost been a full time job.

We still have some time for things to change and the seed is still there and will come up when conditions are right and gets what it needs.  Stay the course is the direction we are giving, keep watering!

Remember if you have seeded weeds can’t be sprayed until the new grass is mowed two times.  This is an issues as most don’t want weeds in their yards but they want to seed.  If you seed early in the fall, you still have time to get those weeds sprayed out in late fall before the end of the season.

Brummel Lawn is completing round 4 of their Standard Turf Fertilizer Program in the next few weeks and will be getting ready for the final round.  The final round will get the turf ready to make it through the winter and come out in the spring with a bang!

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