Retaining Walls

From structure walls to hold back a hill, to a small wall in front to add curb appeal to your landscaping.  Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC have the experience to do it all.  Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC has many suppliers for different natural stone, concrete blocks, and wood to meet all of your needs.

The product lines that Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC recommend and use the most of are:

  • Belgard
  • Stockman Stone


Patios and Walkways

Pavers or natural stone can be used to create designs that will increase the look and value of a home. From driveways, walkways, patio or pools you will benefit from the unique look and long-lasting durability of pavers and or natural stone.

By Change the color or blending two colors together or mixing sized and shapes offer a much more appealing reason to replace grassy area and concrete areas with pavers or natural stone. In most cases pavers and natural stone are much easy to replace if something should damage one or more than concrete.

Paver and Natural Stone Repair Service

Brummel Lawn and Landscape also offers paver repair services.. If your existing brick pavers have been cracked or damaged in any way, give us a call. Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC will come out and evaluate the problem and give you an estimate on how to correct the problem and a price.

Fire pit & Fireplace

Fire pits and Fireplaces are a great addition to your landscaping. They provide a focal point in your landscape and a wonderful place to gather and entertain your friends and family. Fire pits help make your outdoor space more comfortable year round. They are a great place to roast marshmallows or BBQ. Fire pits and fireplaces can easily be added to your existing landscape or a new landscape design. Fire pits have a more casual look, while fireplaces add formality to your space.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting provides the finishing touch on a home’s exterior appearance. Well-placed exterior lighting creates curb appeal, accentuates interesting architectural features, and can add interest and drama to a home and its surrounding landscape when the sun goes down. Our experts can create a complete home landscape lighting design or can highlight just specific aspects of your landscape. Brummel Lawn and Landscape LLC specialize in automated low voltage landscape lighting, as well as photo cell lighting, accent lighting, garden lighting, walkway lighting and more.


Brummel Lawn offers numerous styles of edging from the natural gardeners edge, to the contractors black plastic edge or steel edging. For a more defined edge Brummel Lawn can install a natural stone edge or concrete edger.  With the soils in this area Brummel Lawn does not recommend or install the concrete edging.


Wall Stone Colors